About us

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.  Design is how it works."

Steve Jobs


The story of TECH933 started a few years ago, when I realized there where so many adults and seniors who where having a frustrating time with their computers or who wanted to learn more about the diverse technologies and advancements, that in these few short years have revolutionized how people communicate.


I saw a great lack of honest, reliable, and people focused learning services, that did not involve pre-made course-ware, boring computer classes, contractual obligations towards a trainer, and expensive technicians.


This is where TECH933 comes in; offering private, affordable coaching and on-going support, for questions and computer issues that often pop-up.


Our mandate is to make people feel in control of their technology, not the other way around. We want our customers to be autonomous, confident, and happy.




Team Lead



We take pride in providing:

Great honest services at reasonable prices.
Talk directly and deal with a local person, not an overseas call center.
We can come in-person to your home or office (within our service area).
At-a-distance, week-end/evening service, is available by appointment, at no extra charge.
We only provide services, we do not sell products, nor equipment.
Never any pressure or obligation.
Nothing to sign, no contracts and no retainer fees.